don't forget, a tired dog is a good dog.

Whether you're busy, wanting a slow day or just needing your four legged child out of the house for a bit, we've got you covered.  Our trained staff will come to your house, pick up your pooch and take fido for a walk to use the restroom and get some exercise.  

A log of your dogs walk will be made, pictures sent and happiness guaranteed.  We pride ourselves on being an asset to the Brooklyn community and can't wait to add you to our pack. 




15 Full Day Package + 2 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

20 Full Day Package + 3 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)


30 Full Day Package + 4 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

40 Full Day Package + 5 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

Have a special request?

We've got pups of all ages, sizes and capabilities.  If you'd got a pet that needs a little extra love or attention, let us know, we'd love to see if we could help!