keep your pup and your tub clean.

Bring your pups on in for the spa day they deserve without creating a mess at your place.  We offer grooming packages that are fit to meet pooches of every size and hair length.  We love your pups like our own, so their happiness & safety are our #1 priority. 


15 Full Day Package + 2 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

20 Full Day Package + 3 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

Most Popular

30 Full Day Package + 4 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

40 Full Day Package + 5 Baths

Small/MediumLarge (55lbs+)

Have a special request?

We've got pups of all ages, sizes and capabilities.  If you'd got a pet that needs a little extra love or attention, let us know, we'd love to see if we could help!